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Elegant Garden Wedding Photo Shoot

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This week, my little two-stone diamond ring set made its way into a gorgeous garden wedding photo shoot!  I'm so happy to say that Huntsville, AL is full of amazing, creative people that work together to build a supportive community. Every person involved in the making of these gorgeous images is a true gem! 

two stone diamond ring
Elegant Garden Wedding Photo Shoot: bouquet
Elegant Garden Photo Shoot : Invitation
Elegant Garden Photo Shoot: Tablescape
Elegant Garden Wedding Photo Shoot: wedding cake
Elegant Garden Wedding Photo Shoot : Wedding Dress

Model: Amber Palmer, Joel & Amber Photography
Gown and Accessories: Kathleen's Bridal, Meighan Winton
Photographer: Gari-Ann Kia Photography, Gari-Ann Kia
Florals: Paper Petals HSV, Thao Hoang
Dishes/Props: Della's Kitchen Shop, Ashley Erickson
Dishes/Props: Decorous Dishes, Kathi Bertsch
Jewelry: Torchfire Studio, Cara Moss
Stationery: Ledgewood Stationery; Frances Ledgewood
Cake: A Wilson Cakes, Aisha Wilson
Makeup and Hair: Brittianna J

Happy Mail Day: Rainbow Sapphires

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Oh, Snap! Today's mail is amazing because it includes these special candy-colored gems!

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I am so happy to have sourced these gorgeous sapphires! They are the loveliest shades of the rainbow and haven't been dyed or treated. Isn't nature amazing!? What a happy mail day! 



 My head is spinning with ideas! I know that I would love to make one pair of really special earrings with three different shades of sapphire. I envision rustically gorgeous recycled 14k yellow gold with some organic texturing and a brushed finish.  The pale green sapphires would look absolutely gorgeous as rings, and of course there will have to be a few necklaces and bracelets. Oh the possibilities are endless! 

How would you use these sapphires? I'd love to hear your ideas! 


hidden inspiration.

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I love to see jewelry with a hidden message, so I designed one of my own! I cut this ring from sterling silver sheet, added a little embossed copper design on the top and added a little inspirational stamping on the back - a reminder to find the joy in everyday life.

silver hidden message ring

Some days can be pretty rough, but you can always find a little something to bring you happiness if you simply look around for it!


I really like how it turned out!


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